Watercolor Stilizations

"Samurai And The Killed Monster" Watercolor. 20'X20'. $340

"Samurai And Sea Dragon" Watercolor. 18'X23'. $320

                                             "Old Sakura Under the Snow" Watercolor. 13'x13'. 2006 sold

"The River" Watercolor, gouache. 7,5x33.  $220

                                  "The Forest". Watercolor, gouache. 9'x40'.  $280

                               "The Pond". Watercolor. 7,5'x33'.  $260

                               "The Dragon" Watercolor and white gouache on paper. 7,5'x33sm.  $280

"The Mountain" Watercolor on paper. $220

                                          "European Fantasy" Watercolor on paper. 15'x22'. sold

                                 "The Road on Solovki Island". Gouache, white pencil on tone paper. $230

                                    "Venetian Fantasy". Watercolor on paper. 15'x25'. $200

                                                 "Waterfall". Watercolor. 10'x16.  $250

    "Sunset on Solovki Islands". Watercolor. 23'x38'  sold

                                        "Mountain Streams at Black Sea". Watercolor. 23'x38'  sold

"Fantasy With Sunset" Watercolor. 12'x20. $150

                                                          "Indonesian Fantasy" Watercolor. 9'x33'  Sold

                  "Indonesian Fantasy In Grey" Watercolor. 14'x36' Sold

Samurai and Two Dragons, 43x43sm, Watercolor. $600
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"Monkeys In the Forest" Watercolor. 13'x42,5' $300

                                                     "Waterfall" Watercolor. 13,5'x18,5  $150

                                             "Liane I" Watercolor. 4,5X23,5  $150

                                                                                             "Liane II" $150

"Plum Blossom in Mountains" Watercolor. 13'x13'. 2006 $250

"Apple Tree and Flying Dragons" Watercolor. 18'x18'.  $300

"Cherry Tree" Watercolor. 18x18.  $300